We all have heard about messages in a bottle thrown to the sea.  
Well, this time it is the sea in a bottle.  
Or maybe a little day dreamer girl, who enjoys being close to nature.
What else could we find inside a bottle?

From the series “Life in a Bottle”
Painted in watercolours

The Book Thief

Illustrations inspired by the heartwarming novel “The Book Thief”.
Full colour front and back-cover illustration made with acrylics
and two monocromatic interiors made digitally,
representing some of the most iconic moments.

Line Artwork
Finished artwork

Illustrating a Short Story

 I will braid my sadness:  A Short Story of Paola Klug

I have been working in an Illustration of a short story of Paola Klug, a fantastic Mexican writer and poet.  “Trenzaré mi Tristeza” (I will braid my sadness) is a story about women, tradition, family, customs and – over all – love.  The kind of maternal love from a grandma, completely incondicional.  As soon as I read the story I fell in love with every word and it inspired me right away.

I worked in a double page, having the story in the odd page, most of the main illustration in the even page, but passing into the odd page and framing the story.

2018-10-22 AF Trenzaré mi Tristeza 72 - Maquetada

The illustration is painted with watercolours in a neutral colour, adding a tiny touch of bright red in specific places to add temperature and bring it to life.

2018-10-22 AF Trenzaré mi Tristeza - only Portrait72

I believe that it complements the story nicely with an air of melancholy and sweetness.  What do you think?

2018 Trenzaré mi tristeza en escritorio

What I love about Paola is the simplicity and warmth of her words. If you read her – I promise – it will touch your soul.  Gracias Paola for transporting me to my childhood and the stories of my own grandmother, and for filling me with inspiration.

Gisela Sign_edited-2

If you feel like reading more stories of Paola or purchasing her latest book, see below her social media links:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PincheCanela
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/paolaklug/
Blog: https://paolak.wordpress.com/

Patterns and Cards

A series of Patterns and Floral cards
designed for Cards Publishing.