Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but after living in London, Paris and Madrid for more than a decade, I am now based in the beautiful Shropshire -England -, where I live with my husband and kids.

Since being a child I love drawing, painting, writing and books. Studied graphic design and social communications at university, and worked in Marketing using all this knowledge, before starting a family. 

Then we moved abroad and I resumed my art studies in London Art College,  L’Atelier des Tilleuls – Marie Cécile de La Villegeorges and Arteneo, specialising in editorial illustration.

I feel extremely lucky to be able to do what I´ve loved since I was a little girl, and to keep a bit of innocence and idealism in my illustrations.   And maybe, sometimes – when the words are not enough –  to be able to translate words into pictures.  This universal language that provides us with a thousand feelings at a glance and invite us to travel far, without moving an inch.

Welcome to my site and have a nice journey!


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