Lilith the Grumpy Fairy

Character Design

Lilith lives on the Red Planet surrounded by little creatures who sometimes put her in a bad mood.  But  others times, they make her laugh.  gr2017 - 05 Lilith el hada 72 dpi


Monochromatic`s Beauty


Ink is a classic which has been on for a long time and it is still used in modern work nowadays. Here goes some ink work I have been working on recently.  I have used stylographic pen, dip pen and brush to get different textures and create a particular atmosphere.  For me, ink has a nostalgic feeling.   So I have mixed some retro subjects of movies and actors together with a more modern line work.  Hope you enjoy it.

Gisela Sign_edited-2

Ink – Line work
Ink – Rendering and Solid Ink
Ink – Rendering