Portrails on The Wall

Step by Step


Exercise 6 - Geometric Faces MAIN

As part of my work for the  course of Illustrating Children´s Books in London Art College, I had to do an exercise on geometric faces using different medias.  Here is the step by step process to arrive to my final work.

The objetive of this exercise was to explore geometric shapes to make faces.  So I started as usual, working on my sketch book.

I draw different shapes and tried to adapt them to faces – sometimes with a good result and others not so lucky…

geometric faces sketches


After rejecting some (the majority) and choosing the ones I liked, I was left with six faces I was happy with.  Then I refined the drawing in white paper and started painting them.

DSC_3896 with cp 72 dpi


As the exercise was to explore, in shape and techniques, I worked with different medias, and try the same portrait with different media until I chose the one that adapted better to the age / time and mood of my portrait.

DSC_3892 with cr 72 dpi_edited-1


Once all this was done, and I had chosen the six portraits I was going to present, I started to think on how to present this project.  I had the idea of a wall with portraits.  So started working with the frames for my portraits.

DSC_3904 edited with copyright 72 dpi_edited-1


I have to admit loved this project and I went into a lot of detail. I wanted the wall to look like an old house, with wallpapers where my family portraits would be displayed.  That´s how I started working on designing a wallpaper to go with my ideal wall.

DSC_3900 edited-2 with cr 72 dpi_edited-1


With all my work done by hand, I moved now to photoshop to assemble all together.  With a repetition pattern I made my wallpaper.  Explored for different colours and chose an egg duck which would be neutral enough.  After that I accommodated each picture inside their frame and

voilà!  My “Portraits on the Wall” project finished.


Exercise 6 - Geometric Faces

I hope you enjoyed this project and hopefully it has inspired you to do some artwork today. See you soon.

Gisela Sign_edited-2







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